Laura Akers started off as a graduate at New Zealand Agriseeds Ltd nine and a half years ago, after a friend had recommended she apply for the job. She moved into the the plant breeding department, before switching over to become an agronomist and she hasn't looked back.

Laura runs the seed trials for the Lower North Island, so regularly travels around the country. Part of her job is screening the breeders material for the next best thing to come onto the market. Laura finds this very rewarding seeing them come through the system even though it can take well over 12 years from the first cross to it being sold commercially.

“I'm also extremely lucky to be able to represent my company in the South American market, providing technical support to Barenbrug Chile.”

You must have a fascinating job Laura, being able to have a sneak peak into up and coming trends. We are glad you find it so rewarding as you make a difference in how the industry is run, by growing your passion throughout your career.