Argentina. Land of the gaucho, wide open spaces, top notch beef and fantastic wine. Horses are used for work and transport, and the cattle roam free. Louisa Begg moved her life from a big city job in London to the hills of an Estancia in Argentina. She instantly loved the lifestyle, and falling in love may have some part to play too!

"Managing one gaucho is harder than managing 3000 people in London!"

"Managing one gaucho is harder than managing 3000 people in London!"

Louisa, and husband Kevin, provide a home stay lodge experience and a taste of authentic estancia life. "I'm the Horse Manager mainly and support my husband Kevin in cattle management. The wellness of animals and the countryside is a huge job and that plays a big part in what we do on the Estancia." She loves the rural life that she has made for herself although admits "Managing one gaucho is harder than managing 3000 people in London!"

Louisa collects dogs (currently 9) and horses (current count 140)! She believes she lives in one of the most beautiful places on earth & they lead a very simple life in a very complicated world. Lou and Kevin have no power (self generated), no cellphone reception and very little satellite internet to run the business. "We're off the grid. It's impossible to find this type of simplicity anywhere in this world." All farming is undertaken using organic principals and the estancia operates with a strong ‘farm-to-table’ ethos when it comes to providing food for their guests- home-reared beef, free-range eggs, and wherever possible, vegetables and fruit from the estancia gardens.

Louisa and Kevin share their life with people who haven't lived within a rural lifestyle, giving them a break, some simplicity, from the chaos they may live in. They provide people with a unique and life changing experience at Los Potreros. "Helping people fulfil their dreams is very special!"

Louisa, you sound like you are living in your own slice of heaven. Enjoy the home you have made yourself. And may it be a bucket list experience for many of us to join you one day!