Lucy Egan is currently studying a Master of Science in Plant Breeding at Lincoln University. The title of her research is "The identification of population specific patterns in breeding programmes of white clover and related species". She is based at AgResearch Lincoln in the Forage Genetics Team.

From when Lucy was young she always knew that she wanted to make a difference in the world but she was never quite sure how. She really enjoyed Chemistry and Biology at high school so she enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at Lincoln University in 2013. However coming from a 'townie' background she was pursuing quite a different angle of science than many of her peers. But this risk paid off and in the summer of 2014 she accepted a summer studentship at AgResearch Lincoln, in the Forage Genetics Team working on a project in a white clover breeding programme. Since then, the rest is history and she has been lucky enough to continue through with AgResearch to complete her Masters.

To Lucy, the plant breeding industry is one of the sectors best kept secrets. She had never considered plant breeding as a career before 2014 and is grateful that she stumbled across it. "It is such a rewarding industry with such supportive and genuine people and you really do feel like you are making a difference. There is a global shortage of plant breeders coming through and I am so passionate about making people aware of it for a career and especially women."

Lucy was recently involved in the Maybelline and Miss FQ "Make It Happen" Campaign where she was privileged enough to meet many women scientists who were at the top of their game. An experience she found very inspiring.

"With more publicity about the low number of women in STEM, I personally have noticed a positive shift in the attitude to women in the industry and it only makes me more driven and determined about encouraging young girls and women to consider agriculture as a career."

You enthusiasm to back other women working towards a career in agriculture is incredibly inspiring. Your attitude towards success is sure to rub off on others and the industry is very lucky to have a strong advocate such as yourself.