Marie Bullivant Whitworth's AgWomen story began years ago with a love of farming. As a kid her favorite place was out on the dairy farm, although her family lived in a small community and grew she up in a rural town. Marie also developed a real love of horses, quite different to what the rest of her family enjoyed.

Year's went by and Marie tried her hand at a few different jobs, which seemed to fill a gap but not a passion. Finally, a long way down the track, horses become part of her daily life. Standing two stallions and breeding coloured horses, became a dream come true. Somewhere along the journey Marie sat her truck licence and become a bobby truck driver. A job which Marie describes as really hard labour, however it opened up new opportunities for her, as while driving she was offered a job at the local sale yards, still working with the calves which she enjoyed.

This then led into one of Marie's current jobs as a yardman in the sales. Drafting the big cattle became a challenge in its self but breaking the stereotypes involved in the job was worse. For years this had been a male dominated role and Marie did face some huge brick walls. Nearly ten years later she is now one of the first people to be called upon when help is needed. Amongst all the avenues of her career Marie did quite a bit of relief milking, which led onto the current farm she is full time milking on. Her days are split between milking and stock yards.

"I have a passion for learning new things, and building bonds with animals most would fear to challenge. Currently, my youngest daughter and I enjoy showing Belgian Blue cattle. I love working alongside the cattle and enjoy building trust with the animals when breaking them to halter. As well as all of this, in my spare time I have taken up the challenge of taxidermy."

Marie, you have had a varied career, and as like many of us it takes a few goes to find what we really love doing. You have shown that hard work and determination all attribute to finding our place. Great work Marie!