Seven seasons into dairy farming and 27-year-old Megan Taylor has overcome more than a few fences to get where she is today.

Born profoundly deaf, Megan was 18-months old when she received her first set of hearing aids. Thanks to her determined parents, she later received a cochlear implant at 7. She received her second implant at the age of 24 meaning she can now hear noises from every direction and communicate orally.

Currently a 2IC on an 1100 cow dairy farm outside of Darfield, Megan has been dairy farming for seven seasons. She originally grew up on a lifestyle block in Blenheim with her family. Though she had horses and a small flock of deer, it wasn’t until she was 14 that she completed her first milking. She knew then that she wanted to be on a farm. Despite this dream, she explored other careers like vet nursing -- but always found herself returning to the milking shed.

Megan spent a year at Telford to add depth to her farming knowledge and experience before going on to Lincoln University to complete her Diploma of Agriculture and Farm Management. Between the two courses, Megan took a gap year to work on a dairy farm in Rakaia. After graduation, she travelled around Europe for six weeks.

With her education in hand, Megan started dairying end of 2010 as a farm assistant in Rakaia. “I was green as anything, and still had to learn the ropes,” she says. After this initial role, Megan started a new job in Darfield as an assistant Herd Manager. After a few more years of experience on other farms, she came back to Darfield where she is currently the 2IC.

“I really appreciate my boss James giving me the opportunity to work beside him, learn new skills and help me grow within the dairy industry,” Megan says. “It’s taken me a few farms to find the right boss that is willing to help me grow, be my mentor, and patiently understand my hearing and communication. This has certainly pushed me out of comfort zone.”

Megan enjoys horse riding, playing netball, social touch rugby. She plays netball for the local club (Darfield) and touch rugby with her colleagues.

This dedicated young woman loves her job and the challenges that are thrown her way every day. She is passionate about the cows and is known to have a few pets in the herd.

“My favourite part of the job is seeing the cows happy at the end of the day grazing away. I always get satisfied when the cows are lame/ sick/ calving troubles then coming back right, healthy and producing milk at the end of day.”

Her ultimate goal is to own a farm and is currently working in this direction by of purchasing her first house.

“I am proud to be an agwoman and my role in promoting the career to young women working in a male dominated world.”

Megan, your commitment to the industry and everything you have overcome to stand in your role. You are an inspiration to so many of us!