Mother, wife, office lady, personal assistant, and boss lady are all of the hats that Michelle Brown wears on a daily basis! Michelle is a sheep, beef and dairy farmer in the Tararua area. Along with her husband, they currently own 425ha in Te Uri and lease their 600ha family farm in Kumeroa. Michelle feels they are incredibly lucky to be where they are thanks to their very supportive families and some hard work and dedication on their part.

Having grown up on a dairy farm near Matamata, after leaving school and a brief stint at Massey University she decided that farming was for her. She spent 11 years on a dairy farm working her way up the ranks to farm manager. It was here Michelle met her future husband. They spent many a year pretending they were just friends but after heading back to the Waikato to contract milk for a year they decided that it was finally time to settle down.  Two years later Michelle and her partner were married and purchasing their first farm in Pongaroa. "This was an eye opener in all aspects. We both worked off farm in shearing sheds and on farm when we were home to make it work." It was while they were there they welcomed their first child Amelia.

In the last year Michelle and her family have sold their farm bought a bigger one, taken on lease and gone through IVF. Now they are ready to settle for a long while and watch their family grow (number 2 due September)!  "I love farming, the challenges it presents and the rewards that you get from seeing your accomplishments. I love the fact that I can bring my children up in a great environment and a fantastic rural community. I wouldn't be anywhere else."

What a lovely feeling Michelle- knowing you are right where you should be. Good luck for September, what an exciting time it is for you!