Michelle Stephens is a mother of three from upstate New York. She keeps herself busy at home and in the community as a shepherdess, involved in the family livestock farm and leads a 4-H youth group, a youth organization whose mission is to engage youth to reach their fullest potential.

Michelle got into farming when her second hubby retired from the military and together they built their farm. Their main desire was to grow healthy food for their three daughters. After trials and errors with chicken, goat, pig and vegetable farming they decided to just stick with the sheep. “We raise a flock of registered Southdown sheep. We sell their pasture raised meat at farmers markets locally, along with felted items and dryer balls from their wool." 

Michelle's three daughters show the sheep throughout the North East. The couple hope to continue to grow their flock and their daughters passion and appreciation for agricultural by staying busy with their 4H group and involvement in Future Farmers of America (FFA)”

Passing on your knowledge and passion to the next generation about food and the overall primary industries is so important. Your daughters will benefit immensly from having such a strong understanding of sustainability and how agriculture can benefit health and other means of life.