Nadine Tunley's work reaches far and wide within the New Zealand primary industries, as well as having a strong international presence. CEO of honey company Watson & Son LP, Chairman of New Zealand Apples and Pears, and Director of the Lincoln Hub Innovation Precinct, Nadine has spent the last 25 years working in an industry that she loves.

Nadine's current roles are diverse but they link together well. Based in Masterton, where Nadine has resided for the past few months, Watson and Sons are a 40,000-hive company that focuses on the production of premium Manuka Honey for the most discerning consumers. They have hives all across the country and sell their product across the globe in approximately 12 different countries.

New Zealand Apples & Pears Inc. promotes and represents the New Zealand pipfruit industry, their growers, packers, and marketers of apples and pears, in domestic and export markets. Nadine holds the position of Chair steering the group on issues around biosecurity, market access, research and development, labour, developing and retaining talent, advocating with government, and telling the NZ story for the industry. Internationally New Zealand Apples and Pears sells produce to up to 70 countries.

Nadine is a director at Lincoln Hub based at Lincoln in Canterbury. The aim of the Hub is to create a collaborative environment that fosters and encourages both domestic and international companies to innovate, create and educate to achieve better outcomes within primary industries.

"I get to work with and meet fantastic people from all walks of life and corners of the world, I have travelled to many countries and experienced a myriad of cultures and customs. I have been in primary industries for over 25 years and believe it is NZ’s greatest strength. I truly believe primary industries are the backbone of NZ’s economy and to be a part of that is a privilege that I have appreciated being involved in."

Nadine you have a fascinating selection of roles, all playing a major part in the current scene of the New Zealand primary industries. Innovation is a major player in moving forward and it will be interesting to follow what comes out of the Lincoln Hub in the future.