Nalini Baruch and her husband purchased an year-old olive grove in 1997, with the aim to one day provide New Zealand with homegrown premium extra virgin olive oils. Years later, with many of the original trees replaced with her choice of olive varieties, Nalini has invested her time in honing the craft by being involved in all aspects of her business, Lot Eight. From the grove to the table.

Nalini arrived in New Zealand in the early 80s. Many of the herbs and spices used in Indian cooking were at that time difficult to find in New Zealand, which allowed her to sample flavours from other cuisines to develop her own unique fusion flavours. Nalini believes that New Zealand is full of beautiful natural products, all ready to be utilised in ways to keep foodlovers looking forward to new and exciting ready to use products. Her ability to create food using fresh ingredients is the reason Lot Eight is able to produce cold pressed fragrant olive oils like the Citrus, Yuzu Harissa, Aromatic, Flavours of the East and Herbes de Provence. Nalini handpicks each ingredient and determines the quantities she will need to create flavours when pressed with fresh olives. The result is a combined flavour profile that pleases the palate of anyone looking for fresh wholesome flavours. Chefs as well as home cooks with discerning palates seek their creations.

"The following of Lot Eight oils and the appreciation for what we make for our customers has created a love for what I do at Lot Eight. Each season I set out to find new and exciting ingredients, I dream up the tastes they will produce when pressed with olives and anxiously wait for the season to start so I can begin experimenting with these ingredients. When a successful batch has been made, I am as excited as most kids are on the eve of their birthday. My life with Lot Eight has become that of a taste maker looking for her next big taste high!"

Nalini sees herself as a tastemaker and therefore a market leader. Everything she makes for Lot Eight has a taste of uniqueness. "Im here to take an old world product and its wisdom and combine it with new world ingredients and production methods to bring something sensational to foodlovers."

Hats off to you Nalini for making such beautiful olive oils! We think there is so much value in our primary industries and it is so great to see products being recognised for their quality and individuality.