When it comes to a natural horsewoman, Nardia Burns is a born horse whisperer, she is also well known as someone who’s life is built on horses.

Nardia grew up in a small town in the central North island, where horses were family and a part of life. Nardia grew up in the well-known Church family whom have always been heavily involved in rodeo and farming. Animals and agriculture have always been a major part of her life, all throughout high school she studied online equine courses, took part in every farm tour and in her final years completed a small amount of work experience jobs on farms in the district. While at high school Nardia also had the opportunity to travel with the New Zealand cowboy’s association rodeo high school team to compete in Australia.


Relocation to the South Island is what Nardia believes turned her life in a different direction, when she decided to take up studies in personal training. During the first year she met her husband Ryan and not long after she moved once again further south to be with him. This is where she fell back in love with farming, which didn't take much convincing, as she was out almost every day with Ryan helping out when needed.

Nardia then spent a year doing casual farm work from tailing, rousing, calf rearing and conveying. She then dabbled a little in the dairy farm industry doing a season as a dairy assistant prior to going overseas with her husband for about 9 months. Over this time they spent six months in Canada on a cattle and horse ranch, where they fenced, completed cattle work and worked horses. They then travelled to Australia for three months and completed harvest season, fenced and worked cattle.

Upon coming home Nardia managed to slot back into dairy farming and gain more experience. However a few months into the new season she received a message from a friend offering her a position on a stud/harness racing farm near Riversdale. She jumped at the opportunity and is currently a stud and stable hand. Her daily work consists of handling all stock including young stock, assisting with race horses, learning to drive the sulkies, along with general farm duties.

“I do what I do because I am and have always been passionate about horses, I love that they are such a challenge, but yet so rewarding. I love seeing a young horse flourish, I love what I do because I get to wake up every day and live my dream I had since I was 5 and that's working with horses. I believes being a ag woman is an accomplishment and I couldn’t be prouder."

Not many people get to live and breath their passions Nardia, but it sounds like you have found yourself right in the middle of yours.