If you want to meet a creative problem solver who is also pushing innovation boundaries, then travel to Palmertson North . Here you will find Neriah Broughton who moved from Zimbabwean 7 years ago and now calls New Zealand home. Neriah considers herself ‘just a farmer’s wife’ but we assure you she is much more than just that, but like most of our down to earth ag woman down plays the impact she has to the farming businesses she is surrounded by.

Prior to NZ, Neriah was a radio DJ back in Zimbabwean which helped fuel her passion for technology and after meeting husband Mark and settling down on a dairy farm in the small farming district of Bulls she found her true calling. She has also worked as a business analyst and with the church community outreach.

While on farm Neriah took up the role of the health and safety advisor for the OB group the couple worked for. This opened up a number of doors for the talented mother of three, who designed a new app which allows workers to instantly upload photos of hazards and near misses on farm to an intercative farm map.

She recognised the need for a simpler system with less paper work and being the problem solver she is thought there had to be an easier way. She never guessed that the app would win awards and be recognised off farm. Neriah won the site safe award for 2016 at the New Zealand Workplace Health and Safety Awards.


And it hasn’t stopped there passionate about technology and solutions to everyday problems and seeing the possibilities for application of technology to maximize output and returns in Agriculture, Neriah has gone the next step and created a business venture out of her ideas.

Tribal a software program make hazard reporting easier. Includes real time risk assessment as well as smart emergency planning. Neriah says it’s a cloud based system which means it’s able to be used offline across all devices, a key point for busy farmers. The program also helps with producing compliance reports. With an IT & software background Neriah said it was something she was able to easily set up and still be involved in having an impact on farm.

Neriah is also helping others reach their innovative dreams and last year was a business mentor for the innovation space awards. With her bubbly and caring personality, she successfully mentored Paul Simpson and his StockTrim initiative to win the overall innovate 2017 award. Great work Neriah, sounds like Paul was very lucky to have your guidance and support.

Last year Neriah also completed a Kellogg Rural Leadership programme which she said was an awesome experience which has furthered not only her networks within the industry but also her knowledge and confidence a leader and individual. As part of the programme she had the opportunity to look into more technology of interest and completed a report on High Tech Humanitarianism; tech adoption on farm. A large and sophisticated topic to tackle but one that Neriah took on with great delight and passion.

Neriah your upbringing, knowledge and passion for technology is one a lot of us can’t comprehend, but with your ability to turn it into simple steps you are helping share your talents into the industry. Keep up the great work and we look forward to seeing your published Kellogg report and the next innovative idea that should emerge.