Nikki Szakaly is a born and raised farm kid from Alberta, Canada. She knew from an early age that agriculture would hold her heart. When she was in her 20’s Nikki discovered that she could work in agriculture, be outside every day, as well as be involved even if she was not living on the farm anymore. Nikki went off to college and met her fiancé, who happened to be a local farmer. When they graduated she moved onto his family farm and got connected with an independent agriculture consulting company. "The more I learned, the more I realised that this was the life and job I wanted."

Nikki quit her Ag retail sales job and started working as an independent consultant. After about a year she was granted the opportunity to partner with the dealership. Nikki began working with their customers as well as her own, and started helping bring economics, logistics and agronomy all together so her farmers could make the best decisions to keep their farms sustainable. "Now I am farming with my fiancé and we are planning to grow our farm and start our own family in the next few years. Currently our focus is on grain operations but I am hoping to bring cattle back to the farm as well."

Nikki, you have gone from farm kid to a complete AgWomen! Keep up the love for life in agriculture.