Beef farmers daughter, Non Thorne, from Pembrokeshire, Wales, graduated with a BSc in Agriculture and Business studies with a firm intention of using gained knowledge in real day to day life activity. Employed full time by a farming and business consultancy firm, Non loves her day to day work, but her real passion lies in breeding and exhibiting her Hereford cattle across the country.

99% of Non's annual leave is spent in the back of a wagon or caravan at agricultural shows during summer and winter months.

“It’s a wonderful social occasion for like-minded individuals and allows us the opportunity to satisfy competitive urges that live inside us all, but the main reason is to show off to the world the stock that you have produced, reared and worked your socks off for, for the last however many years.”

As a third generation Hereford breeder, the Hereford breed and beef industry during this period have seen some good times and some ruthless times. Thankfully, Non has seen a large increase in the demand for native beef with leading supermarkets offering premium incentives.

When not found with her beloved Herefords, she is providing advice and specialist knowledge on today’s agricultural and countryside related issues.

“Agriculture is an ever changing sector and farmers rely on us to ensure that their businesses are running as efficiently as possible. Farming used to be a lifestyle. In today’s world, it’s a business.”

Unsure what the future holds, Non is sure of one thing and that is it will always involve agriculture and Herefords.

Non, the sentiment 'you never work a day in your life when you are doing something you love' rings true when reading your story. Your passion and enthusiasm is clear for all to see.