Primarily Rebecca Greaves is a freelance agricultural journalist and runs a small Public Relations and Marketing company, Targetpr - Rebecca Harper. Working from her home office on the farm, she writes under her maiden name, Rebecca Harper. Her husband and herself are in an equity partnership on a hill country sheep and beef farm in Pongaroa. She can often be found on the end of a drafting gate or a broom in the woodshed, mustering on her horse, cooking/baking for the troops and doing the admin for both businesses.

Rebecca grew up on the family sheep and beef farm in Hawke’s Bay and always loved farming, particularly the animals – "I used to have tea parties with dad’s farm dogs". She chose journalism as a career and, after studying at University of Canterbury, started out on daily newspapers, covering everything from council to court. But what Rebecca really loved writing about was agriculture, much to the surprise and dismay of some of her bosses! So, after a stint working as a ringer on a cattle station in Western Australia, she decided to specialise in that area. She worked her way up and became editor of Farmers Weekly NZ, before moving to the farm and starting her own business, "thank you internet!"

"I am privileged to meet so many great rural people and visit their farms. I love meeting people, talking (some would say perhaps too much!) and sharing their stories with others. It’s a big deal for people to trust you to tell their story and I am grateful to everyone I interview. For me it’s perfect, I have a job in the primary industries that allows me to get out and about and be on-farm, learning from top operators, without actually being a full time farmer. I am passionate about sharing the many positive stories in the sector and I always come home buzzing after spending a day out on farm doing an interview or taking photos.

Rebecca also gets to be her own boss, she can help on their farm when needed or ride her horse if she gets up and the sun is shining - so she thinks she has the best of both worlds. "Living on our own farm and the lifestyle we have, I truly feel like we are living the dream. Farming is not easy and it brings plenty of challenges, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else."

What a great mix of both worlds you have found Rebecca. Mixing both lifestyles must be a dream for you and you sound like you are loving every minute of it.