Silvia Estrada-Flores is based in Australia as a Business Development Manager for Plant & Food Research. Originally from Mexico, she remembers the commonly held view that if you are not eating, you are cooking or thinking about what are you going to have for lunch. It is her belief that food is not only sustenance but it is the glue of our social fabric. Friendships, business and family affairs are sorted more often than not during a meal. It comes as no surprise then that Silvia chose to study Food Engineering, and her career that followed has evolved around food and agriculture.

When Silvia relocated to Australia 16 years ago, she made it one of her life goals to communicate the importance of technical and scientific research and development projects, teams and organisations in the development of a robust, healthy and dynamic agri-food sector. Her roles have given her that opportunity in a variety of scales and environments. From research and development organisations such as CSIRO and Plant & Food Research, through to multinational companies that have innovation embedded in their DNA, such as Bayer CropScience, to industry associations that understand the commercial value of new ideas, products and markets, such as Food South Australia. Silvia is currently enrolled in a Master of Agribusiness program at the University of Melbourne, to further her knowledge base in the area.

You Silvia, truly understand the importance of food and you must be thoroughly enjoying studying a subject you are so passionate about. Good luck with your upcoming projects!