From a young age, the Hunt sisters didn’t think much of their upbringing - everyone they knew lived on a farm, it was a normal way of life. Sophia and Margie Hunt would ‘help’ on the farm; spending time with their Dad in the cowshed, and they loved feeding the calves (and themselves!) marshmallows in winter.

But once the sisters moved to university and began living in cities, they realised how great the disparity between urban and rural life really can be.

Sophia went on to study agriculture at Lincoln, and Margie, Food Technology at Massey. Two seemingly different degrees, yet both heavily reliant on food and food production and developed a new appreciation for the primary sectors. In time, both started relief milking in the weekends on their family farm while working their Monday-Friday careers in Auckland.

With the increasing misconceptions and negativity in the industry, the sisters decided to start a farm Facebook page (Westgate Farm) to create a better balance and understanding for their friends who live in the city. This page is based solely on showcasing all the beauty and positive aspects of farming.


Fast forward to a couple years and the Hunt sisters took their initiative to the next level and started making dairy products straight from the farm milk. Sophia and Margie are passionate about producing high quality products and looking after their animals is their number one priority.

Currently Sophia and Margie are two well rounded (Ag)women living in the city who are actively looking for ways to help others gain a stronger understanding of the primary industries. Margie is a Food Technologist specialising in Quality Assurance and New Product Development and Sophia is Dairy Food Entrepreneur. They see that there is so much more to industry than what is publicised in NZ media and want to help give the industry a voice of its own. Both women have strong aspirations within the agri sector. They want to cultivate a positive culture around the industry and live a life of sustainability in an era of change, misconception, and consumers who live with a heightened environmental awareness.

As women, and as people in the agri sector, the Hunt sisters understand the value of leading the way, rather than following the herd. They are constantly looking for ways they can move forward using innovation and strategy. It is their goal to see these thoughts ripple through their communities so the industry can progress forward collectively.

“I would say that’s what all Agwomen are driving and working toward,” says Margie.

Having a rural background has kept these progressive sisters grounded, and help keep things in perspective. Watch this space - hopefully you’ll be seeing their dairy products in supermarkets in the next few years!

Margie and Sophia, we love where your headspace and your goals sit and we cannot WAIT to see where they take you. We encourage you to never give up on the industry and continue to dive into creating positive change everywhere you take it.