For home town Glenorchy girl Tammy Wright being involved with rural transport has been in her blood for as long as she can remember. Her dad owned a transport company at the head of lake Wakatipu growing up so it seems fitting that she is now the sale representative for Ryal Bush transport based from Ashburton.

After what she describes as “being a brat” through her high school years, it was in 2009 that she attended a 21 day outward bound course that changed her life. It was here she learnt to cement what she had learnt and achieve her goals. So after the course she enrolled into Mount Aspiring Collage for 12 months and then set off into the working world.

Tammy’s dads number one rule to life is always work hard and prove yourself. This is something she defiantly did when she spent 6 years in the horticulture industry. She hoped that it was her passion she had been searching for and started out getting paid cash to plant hundreds of native trees a day on the side of a steep bank in picturesque Glenorchy settings. From there she worked her way up the ladder working and into a role running a team of 15 males for the worlds largest horticulture company in Queenstown at the age of 21. Her she worked along side the Queenstown Lakes District Council parks and reserves team. No small feat and something she was well respected for and still is today.

Her boyfriend Glenn (now fiancé) was shepherding at Nokomai Station at the time and it was then she opt’d for the station life to join him. She initially took on the cooks job along with helping in the yards and on musters with horses.

A job opportunity then arose for Glenn at a highly regarded Romney stud in Moa Flat so they shifted over the hill. This is where Tammy landed her first transport role washing trucks and sweeping sheds. She admits some days she questioned the move in support of Glenn but continued and ended up on the road and gaining her class five learners. She truly showed that her commitment and work ethic paid off.
What was her biggest gain of it all? knowing she had found her true passion.
“ I always had dads voice in the back of my head ‘work hard work your way up’.

During their time at Moa Flat Tammy lost one of her best friends to cancer which for her was the trigger point to seek help for some passed experiences in her life that hadn’t been enabling her to be the person she dream’t to be.
With support she made three promises to herself: 
1. To never let alcohol rule her life as it was proving to
2. Have a happy balance
3. Only surround herself with encouraging people.

If you or a loved one should need to talk to someone call rural support on 0800 787 254

After a year and a half at Moa Flat a call one evening from the old manger at Nokomai offered Glenn the block managers role on Mount Peel Station in Canterbury and this is where they both live today.
“I am so content in the heart of rural transport. The diversity of the role is textbook, one day I’ll be loading stock trucks on some of New Zealand’s most beautiful iconic stations at 11pm the next I’ll be at the Temuka sale and then home by 3pm to ride my horses. I thoroughly enjoying meeting new people, encouraging them and learning from them everyday.”
When not on the farm or at the Transport you will find Tammy on the NZ Rodeo circuit where Ryal Bush Transport Ashburton sponsor her, something she is hugely grateful for and honoured to represent.

Tammy acknowledges and excepts the challenges in my past and believes they continue to grow the true country girl she is.

Tammy your story shares some great messages and shows that woman with determination and grit surly do make it to where they want to be in life. Set backs in life are part of life and you have highlighted that there is always help and support out there should you require it.

Keep up the great work Tammy and we look forward to spotting you on your horses or behind the wheel of the next transport truck we pass.