Tarsh Newport always wanted to be a farmer’s wife! You could say she chose to be an “AgWomen” donkeys years ago and she feels both blessed and privileged to have got that reality.

Tarsh studied Tourism and Hospitality and worked in this industry a little, before working in the administration field for various different companies. Although for Tarsh this was a great way of learning skills which are now very helpful and it had the people interaction factor, she is most happy at home on the farm.

Most important to Tarsh is family, married for almost 14 years to Daniel, they have 2 beautiful daughters who are 11 and 7. Their girls and their future mean the world to the couple and they want to provide something for their daughters which is increasingly hard to keep in families these days - an opportunity to farm and look after a slice of paradise if they chose to.

Tarsh farms in the heart of the Tasman on a 364h sheep and beef property which has been in her husband’s family for 5 generations, 6 if you include the girls. Their farm name, which took some time to conceive, is made from the 5 generations of men, using their first initial; Dewes Farm.

They started leasing the property 7 years ago and have just recently achieved ownership through family succession. "It was not an easy hill to climb, and one we certainly could not have done without Daniels parents help and a desire for the farm to stay in the family."

The farm is mostly flats with some moderate to steep hill country, a little native bush and some dreaded English hedging “GORSE”.
They run around 3000su and have a beautiful mob of Hereford cattle, Romney sheep which is their main flock and a stud Dorset Down flock which they hope to increase in time. The Dorset Down flock is one of the oldest registered flocks in New Zealand.

When not involved in farm work Tarsh finds herself volunteering or working with local groups, who she finds crucial to the community, plus helping out in other amazing projects that need an enthusiastic team member. These things have increased her skill set immensely and gained Tarsh wonderful friends.

"I am so grateful for this opportunity; I have learnt so much most of which I couldn’t have done anywhere else but here, farming. I get thrown in the deep end at times, I stress and throw my toys out the cot but man I love it. My hubby has helped me learn a lot on the farm and I have taught myself a fair bit too, we work great as a team and know our limits."

It is very important to both Tarsh and her family to leave this piece of New Zealand better than when they started farming it. Tarsh is a firm believer in making the most of her “dash” and looks forward to the upcoming challenges.

You are such an enthusiastic AgWomen Tarsh, and we are right behind you in wanting to improve the land we are so lucky to be living on.