Tracey is owner, inventor, administrator, customer service, dispatcher of Cosy Toes and inventor/administrator of We Love NZ Wool.

Cosy Toes is a children's merino wool sock range which is now branching into bigger sizes for adults and more variety - tights, blankets and clothing. This all stared when Tracey decided to do some research and find out what had happened to our wool industries in New Zealand and the decline of the use of wool. After a lot of searching and phone calls she found one manufacturer in New Zealand who was willing to work with her and manufacture baby and children's wool socks. "I live in rural New Zealand and so the options of bringing socks back into the market were limiting for me as well as looking after my young family as the first priority. The only option I had was to open a shop online and start to give other shops the chance to also stock them."

Recently Tracey has started a facebook group known as We Love NZ Wool as she thinks there needs to be a positive place for people and organisations to share their love of wool. "There are too many negative articles in the media about the decline of wool and have been for many years. We don’t need negativity around this wonderful, sustainable fibre that we produce here in New Zealand. Wool is something that we can all be extremely proud of and it needs a pedestal."

"I believe that every child should grow up with wool just as I did and think no different of it."

Such a great mission Tracey and one we can truly appreciate. Wool should be a go to for our kids and having the option of Cosy Toes helps us do that.
Facebook- welovenzwool