Victoria Grayling grew up on a farm on the rural outskirts of New Plymouth, Taranaki. Her grandfather was a knowledgeable stockman, which was in turn passed on to her father, who has tried his best to pass it on to Victoria and her three siblings. 'Just get on with it' and 'use some elbow grease' were two sayings Victoria remembers very vividly from her childhood.

Now living in Auckland, Victoria without a doubt, values growing up in the rural sector. She sees farming as a different lifestyle but one she could comfortably return to. As a youngster, Victoria remembers how jobs such as getting cows and calves in, were a whole family activity.

"Dad used to patiently watch me struggle to lift calves into the trailer before he would come over and show me an easier way to do it. That’s what’s great about growing up on a farm. You learn so many practical life skills that others wouldn’t even dream about knowing."

Photo credit: Take the moment

Victoria is currently working as part of the Fonterra communications team. Having only recently graduated from University, she describes it as a pretty amazing job as every day is different. Victoria helps to share the stories of many exceptional people in New Zealand who all play a role in feeding people around the world. Being a communications consultant in this day and age puts Victoria in a position to help craft the reputation around agriculture - a hot topic of interest currently.

"I think New Zealand has a pretty remarkable story to tell as far as agriculture goes and the way the industry is changing makes it not only challenging but also exciting. People have always told me I’m a people person so I decided to put that to use in my career. I’m not entirely sure what the future holds for me but at the moment I guess I’m riding the agriculture wave!"

Vic, you are in such a exciting part of your career. We love that you hold your farming upbringing so close and we wish you luck with your upcoming pursuits!