Balfour born and bred Holly White is what we call a super Agwoman or a jack of all trades, however more commonly known as a general shepherdess. Holly grew up on the land and loved to get her hands dirty out on the farm with her father whenever she could. The youngest of 4 girls she never undertook any weekend sports during the summer growing up because that was farming time. Eventually, even the winter sports got traded for time on the land and a huntaway pup.

Boarding school was something Holly found challenging being away from the farm, however, come the weekends she would pack them full of dog training and anything else that the farm would throw at her. Like many farm bred woman school holidays were spent working at home or close by on neighbouring properties or at her uncles.


For Holly, her sixth form (year 12) year was to be her final year at school before she went and worked for her uncle on his sheep and beef block just out of Waikaia for a year. While she was there she had the opportunity to build a good dog team and develop her stock and farming skills further. She admits she did give Lincoln
University a go but after 6 months she had itchy feet to be back out on the land.

In June 2016 Holly boarded a plane to flight to Darwin to start what she classifies as her ‘ringer career’. After 2 months she found a stock orientated job in South West Queensland on a 3.8mil acre property growing out 25000 bullocks. She was to spend ten months here meaning her love for horses and riding skills flourished.

After a couple more months at another station still in that general area she thought it was probably time to come home and ventured back to Balfour in early October 2017. Upon her return to NZ she began building a new dog team and even managed to get one of her originals back. She also got her hands on an awesome horse and started casual shepherding around Northern Southland.

Since February Holly has been based at Lochaber Station in Fairlie and is loving every minute of it. Her fitness has improved and her now team of six dogs are doing well on the big hills. Farming Merinos is a new experience but she is loving the challenge and her new position is allowing her to learn more and gain more experience.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. I’m still waiting to work”.

We love your philosophy towards your job and lifestyle Holly, it is so true. Not many people ever find themselves in the position of such job satisfaction.