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We know a lot of the women nominated are a little shy to tell their stories and some don't think they have one to share. How wrong they are! Every women who touches the industry in any shape or form, influences the direction it takes.

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From a wife to a mother, to insurer, journalist, media guru, kiwifruit picker, gardener and so many more 'roles.' Every woman who is linked to the industry has a story to tell and we're here to do just that!

Not only do we consider the success of this campaign to be the sharing and recognition of 365+ amazing stories about women in the primary industries, but also the production of our AgWomen Global book. This coffee table style book will feature all 365 women, and be sent to each individual featured as well as our Platinum supporters and be available for our crowd to purchase.

We also want to be able to fund our Photographer to capture the photos of our 12 feature stories, which are chosen by our crowd via a Facebook and Instagram poll.

Simply - if we don't meet our Givealittle target we can't call this project a success! 

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